Like the old saying goes "... a picture is worth a thousand words." I enjoy capturing images that catch my eye. I try to depict the natural beauty of Maine and New England landscapes, seacoasts, lighthouses, landmarks, foliage, and mother nature at her best from the rocky coast of Maine to the mountains of New Hampshire.

By day, I am the Information Technology Manager for a large Orthopaedic practice in southern Maine. But any chance I get, I am a self taught amateur photographer whose interest in the hobby really took off with the purchase of my first digital camera - a Sony Digital Mavica - many years ago. Being able to have access to the images immediately was wonderful.

I started in 35 mm photography with an Olympus omPC back in 1986. I moved into the digital realm with a Sony Mavica many years ago. I then moved on to a Fuji S5000 digital camera, a Nikon D80, and most recently a Nikon D7200.

For the past few years I have caught the bug of sports photography - both indoor and outdoor - and really love it. It presents many challenges but I Iove doing it. Let me know what you think

Please direct any comments or inquires to me via

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